Founded and managed by specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the market, we are a company fell in love by steel and their possibilities.
We have a team with more than 100 directs employees, acting for more than 12 years, providing high technological solutions. Working with effort, dedication, integrity, commitment and with the strictest quality standards, Águia Inox became the steel leader tanks segment, mixers and steel stainless reactors, being present on the biggest Brazilian companies.
Our authentic standard is on the segments of beverage (water, juice, milk, soda, beer, wines and distilled beverages), food (chocolate, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, jam, candies), pharmaceutical, chemical and sugar-alcohol plants.
In a new address and largest structure, Águia Inox has now 20.000 m² of factory plant with indoor capability to produce tanks up to 300.000 liters and tanks until 3 million of liters on site, according to client request. Besides this, the factory line implantation with segmented and automated welding, executed by qualified professionals in each process stage had raised Águia Inox to the most modern boilerwork in Brazil.
Through the European technology implantation, the production capability had increased up to 12 tanks simultaneous, furthermore, we have logistics partners to ensure agility and integrity in deliveries.
Águia Inox makes enable on-site big storage tanks implantation, following up the project from the beginning to the end.


To permit to its professionals a possibility of achieving their dreams and life projects with pride and passion, through its business, so that the company interests will be reached and the customers expectations will be overcome.


To be a solid company, with excellence and reference in its business.


• Profitability • Business sustainability • Security and quality • Confidence • Team spirit •
Whether you are looking for complete solutions with quality and credibility, you have found a company strong as steel.


Supported by a complete and large structure, Águia Inox has 20.000m area and more than 100 employees that work in a management system that offers quality, technology and a great client service.
Company assists with several factory segments and provides credit lines through FINAME and BNDES Card, what increases commercial relationships and makes acquiring new equipment easier.
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